The Observation of Trifles por Carlos Alba

September 23, 2018

The Observation of Trifles por Carlos Alba

Titulo del libro: The Observation of Trifles

Autor: Carlos Alba

ISBN: 8416248648

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Carlos Alba con The Observation of Trifles

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Notebooks, post-its, facades, dustbins, cars... And people. The eye of the photographer who arrives in London as a foreigner captures an entire universe of insignificant things (trifles) which, however, can mean a lot to the newcomer. Nominated for World Press Photo and a finalist for the Gran Prix Fotofestival, in The Observation of Trifles the Madrid-born photographer Carlos Alba suggests a unique, random guide through the conventionalisms of a London seen through objects found on its streets. This London is a far cry from postcards and is defined by both these everyday objects (which are therefore forgotten in the routine) and the look of the people that Alba photographed in the neighborhoods of Hackney and Tower Hamlets, which make up a panoply of stories which may be analytical or superficial but are always poetic.